Camping Vreehorst

Nature ๐ŸŒฑ

Nature ๐ŸŒฑ

In the middle of the National Landscape you will discover the versatility of this beautiful area.

The various nature reserves around Winterswijk are ideal places to de-stress or relax. You can spend hours wandering through the woods or walking along the winding streams. Or use the route mixer to find your favorite walking or cycling route on your mountain bike and you will be amazed by the beautiful views the area offers. Curious about our tips? We have listed the most beautiful places for you! For all routes in the entire Achterhoek you can look at


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Campsite Vreehorst borders on the Bekendelle. A real primeval forest. The kingfisher and the great yellow wagtail fly here regularly. Various special plants grow there. You can relax here, since it's very silent.

The Vragender Veen

The Vragender Veen is a remnant of a large swamp area that extended into Germany. Farmers used to use it for peat extraction. Now it offers some great walking routes. There's a nature observation post as well. A 15 meter high tower from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Veen.

National Landscape

The nature around our Winterswijk campsite is very special. There are rare and special flowers and plants, a unique soil and a beautiful landscape. It is not without reason that Winterswijk is part of the 'National Landscape Winterswijk', together with parts of neighboring municipalities Aalten and Oost-Gelre.

The Steengroeve

The Steengroeve is a very special piece of nature. This quarry was created by decades of industrial lime extraction. One can admire here earth layers that are 240 million years old. Normally the quarry is closed, but excursions are organized through the tourist office so that you can still make the descent.

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