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Children ๐Ÿ™‹

Children ๐Ÿ™‹

From our campsite in Winterswijk there is plenty to do for all ages.

There is plenty to do for children in the Achterhoek. From an indoor play paradise to a climbing forest, from an escape room to an amusement park just across the border. Boredom is out of the question. You can find all day trips at


Our top 5

Nature Park De Leemputten

This nature park was created by excavating loam for the brick factory in Groenlo. Part of this nature reserve is accessible by pedal boat. A great way to view this nature reserve from the water. After dinner you can enjoy a drink on the terrace and the children can have fun in the playground.

Climbing forest Ruurlo

De-stress and enjoy nature? That's definitely possible in this climbing forest for young and old. There are several routes, a zipline route and large nets. You can choose your own climbing route, so you decide how high you go.

Winterswijk beach pool

A visit to the beautiful authentic natural bath from the thirties is definitely worth it. The bathing area has a real sandy beach and it has been completely restored. There is a spacious sunbathing area and the children can have fun on the playground equipment or the high diving tower. It's a wonderful place where you can sunbathe, swim, have a bite to eat and relax.

Sevink Adventure Park

Sevink Avonturenpark is a beautiful indoor and outdoor play paradise for children. At Sevink, the children can happily wander around inside and outside in a safe, fenced environment.

Movie Park Germany

In Bottrop, about an hour's drive away, there is a large amusement park where everything revolves around the theme of film. In collaboration with various film studios, an amusement park has been created with more than 40 attractions, super fast roller coasters and various shows. You'll feel like you're in Hollywood when you've seen all of this.

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