Camping Vreehorst

Cycling and hiking ๐Ÿšถ

Biking and hiking ๐Ÿšถ

The area around our campsite in Winterswijk with its many dirt roads and forest trails is waiting to be discovered.

The Winterswijk National Landscape is a magnificent nature reserve that is perfectly suited for a delightful bicycle ride or a brisk walk. It is a unique area measuring 22,000 hectares. The hedgerows, streams, forests, windmills, and large farmhouses provide a diverse picture of this magnificent scenic bocage landscape.

At the reception, there is an inspiration point where you can find out what there is to experience in the Achterhoek. Camping Vreehorst is an official Tourist Transfer Point (TTP). From here, you can set out on various hiking and cycling routes. Are you having some trouble making a decision? Then our route mixer is the solution for you. You can choose your own route in an interactive format. You can find the route mixer at the reception. We have selected several routes for you below:

Cycling trails

Hiking trails


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