Camping Vreehorst


Availability and Price


Gelderland, Winterswijk



  1. Free Wi-Fi (80% coverage)
  2. Dogs allowed (max 2)
  3. Access indoor and outdoor pool


  1. Only campers allowed (max. 9 meters)
  2. Location next to the campsite
  3. Motorhome service station
  4. Paved motorhome pitch (approx. 70 mยฒ)
  5. 10 amps of electricity
  6. Free shower & hot water


Paved motorhome pitch just outside the campground. Suitable for short stay.

Motorhomes are very welcome at Camping Vreehorst. Motorhomes can be parked on all camping pitches. In addition, there is a motorhome park especially designed for motorhomes. The motorhome park has its own entrance, paved pitches, and is meant for short stays. There is also a motorhome service station. This motorhome park in Winterswijk is the closest motorhome park to Obelink.

  • Motorhome park -Stay just outside the campground at the motorhome park
  • Private access - Motorhome park has private access
  • Beautiful sanitary buildings - You can use the sanitary buildings at Camping Vreehorst free of charge, about 200 meters from the motorhome park
  • Close to Obelink - Camping giant Obelink is only 2 kilometers away

Placing a secondary tent, side tent or party tent is not allowed in the motorhome park.